Inovação 21/12/2020

New collaboration agreement between Bucci Industries and University of Bologna


Industry and knowledge:
the new agreement with the University of Bologna

Bucci Industries has always been committed to contribute significantly to the social and economic development of the local community. The Group has been collaborating with the University of Bologna for several years: the Alma Mater enjoys a fruitful relationship with the Bucci companies, Iemca, Giuliani, Vire and Bucci Composites among the others. Bucci Composites is also the main promoter of Ma.Co.F, Master Degree in Composites Materials in Faenza.

In the past few years Bucci Industries has hosted more than 30 internships and has supported numerous research projects across 5 different academic departments and interdisciplinary institutes of the University of Bologna, resulting in scientific papers involving more than 10 research groups.

In November 2020 University of Bologna Rector Francesco Ubertini and Bucci Industries President Massimo Bucci signed a new framework agreement for the next 5 years to renew the partnership: the goal is to develop new projects and expand the field and activities of interest.

The new agreement includes strategic collaborations to develop projects, calls and programs, research grants and scholarships to conduct research projects, PhD scholarships, setting up and gaining access to shared research institutes and laboratories, promoting the dissemination of research results. It also includes collaborations to promote educational activities, organization and participation to career-oriented events and internships for University of Bologna students.

"Thanks to the previous collaborations - said Bucci Industries President Massimo Bucci - the Bucci Industries companies have strengthened the collaboration with the world of research and industry and increased the participation of students and researchers in R&D activities".