• Bilancio di Sostenibilità

    Sustainability Report

  • People

    People Passion Technology

  • Massimo Bucci

    A family business since 1945

  • Bucci Automations

    Automation & Robotics


    World leader in automatic bar feeders


    Leader in transfer machine tools and lock industry machinery


    Leader in the design and manufacturing of systems for industrial and medical automation, and hospital industry

  • VIRE

    Packaging solutions in the disposable hygiene industry and for the manufacturing of medical plasters and wound dressings

  • ZETA

    Automatic end-of-line machines, for secondary packaging in cardboard boxes and palletizing


    Advanced Composite Materials


“We work each day to guarantee our partners quality and innovation and to grow with them in the global market.”
Massimo and Stefano Bucci

Bucci Industries is the distinctive trademark of the Bucci family and since 1945 it has been synonymous with entrepreneurship, industrial know-how and financial experience in the development and management of a world-class group.

Our history is made of driven people who are determined to develop the expertise that will allow new generations to grow and bring innovation and technology around the globe.

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