Our growth is founded on competence, innovation, international development and the transfer of know-how to our new generations.

We operate in the field of automation and industrial robotics under the brand names Iemca, Giuliani, Sinteco and Vire held by Bucci Automations S.p.A. and in the new advanced composite materials sector with Bucci Composites S.p.A.

Organizational chart

“By doing our job well and supporting our partners’ growth
in a competitive global market we, in return, will grow along with them.”


To improve the performance of our customers through top-class automation solutions and the use of new materials.

To be forerunners of the future, through a continuous dialogue with our global stakeholders.

Our shared values are the benchmark for all our activities and for the actions of all our company people and associates around the world, and include:

  1. Caring for our customers and serving them with great passion
  2. Thinking in an innovative way so as to always be ahead
  3. Bringing and transmitting positive energy solutions