Innovation 10/10/2023

Bucci Industries presents the 2022 Sustainability Report


The 2022 Sustainability Report of Bucci Industries Group

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A Concrete Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Always committed to promoting well-being in the communities where it operates and adopting sustainable practices, the Bucci Industries Group is proud to present its first Sustainability Report, a significant step towards an even more sustainable corporate future.

This voluntary report serves as a concrete tool to transparently assess and communicate to all internal and external stakeholders the Group's sustainability achievements. It reflects Bucci Industries' tangible commitment to positively contribute to the environment and the community, demonstrating the increasing priority given to sustainability in the company's strategy.

Objectives of the Sustainability Report

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The Sustainability Report is the means to communicate to internal and external stakeholders Bucci Industries' strategy, objectives, management methods, and business activities' results.

The Group aims to demonstrate how sustainability issues are inherently linked in its corporate vision, with a particular focus on the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social dimensions of its business operations.

Sustainability Strategy

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Sustainability is at the core of Bucci Industries' mission, both in the automation and robotics sector and in the composite materials sector. This priority is even more relevant given the increasing complexity of the environmental and social challenges in today's global landscape.

Bucci Industries acknowledges that the path to sustainability requires significant commitment and adequate resource allocation within the organization. To that end, a thorough assessment of the impact of business activities in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) areas has been conducted to fully understand responsibilities and opportunities.

The Group is firmly committed to implementing new sustainable solutions, both in terms of technology and knowledge, with the primary goal of making a positive contribution to the environment and society. This vision guides Bucci Industries' actions and initiatives as it pursues a more sustainable and responsible future.

The Bucci Industries Group's Sustainability Report represents a concrete step towards a better future, where sustainability is an essential part of the company's commitment.