Remerciements 19/09/2023

The BI Wellness corporate welfare program is enriched by the new mindfulness course


Bucci Industries promotes well-being with the new mindfulness course

yoga class

The Bucci Industries Group recognizes the importance of the well-being of its employees and is committed to protecting health and well-being in the workplace through internal initiatives and policies.

Among these initiatives is the implementation of the BI Wellness corporate welfare program, which for years has promoted sports and educational activities to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The program was further enriched in May 2023 with the introduction of a new mindfulness course.

What is the BI Wellness corporate welfare program?

The Bucci Industries Wellness Program promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle through numerous sports and educational activities.

Employees of the Bucci Industries Group are offered the opportunity to participate in weekly courses led by experts and qualified trainers in company premises specially adapted for this purpose. The scheduled sports activities range from fitness practices such as yoga, pilates, and postural gymnastics to high-intensity workouts like Functional Training and CTHI (Circuit Training High Intensity). Additionally, thanks to collaboration with local sports facilities, the community swimming pool and tennis and paddle tennis courts can be used.

The BI Wellness corporate welfare program also includes educational activities, including seminars focused on well-being practices, with the aim of contributing to the education of employees towards a healthy lifestyle and providing the necessary tools to balance work and personal life. Cycles of meetings have been organized dedicated to principles to follow for a correct and balanced diet and to awareness regarding addictions, led by professionals and experts in the field.

The new mindfulness course promoted by the BI Wellness program

mindfulness masterclass

The "Breathe Well-being" mindfulness masterclass is the new educational offering promoted by the BI Wellness corporate welfare program for employees of the Bucci Industries Group.

During the first session, held in May 2023, participants had the opportunity to explore mindfulness practices and learn about their numerous mental and physical benefits, under the expert guidance of two qualified instructors. The purpose of the masterclass is to bring immediate well-being and renewed energy through simple, fast, and powerful techniques to make individuals more aware of the resources available to them and improve mood and individual performance.

At the end of the session, all participants were provided with a toolkit, including basic practices presented during the lesson, such as relaxing breathing, its energizing variant, and meditation. These exercises can be practiced at any time, including in the workplace, to manage stress and immediately achieve greater inner serenity.

The "Breathe Well-being" masterclass will be followed by a multi-session course for employees interested in deepening their knowledge and practice of these techniques, guided by experienced professionals. The mindfulness course is just the latest addition to the BI Wellness program, whose calendar continues to evolve to meet and anticipate the needs of Bucci Group employees.

The importance of a corporate welfare program

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Introducing welfare policies in a company means aiming to place People at the center of the organization and improve the conditions that determine their psychophysical well-being in the workplace.

In line with its long-term sustainability strategy, the Bucci Industries Group intends to continue investing in the well-being of its employees and expanding the offerings of the BI Wellness corporate welfare program. This commitment reflects the desire to create a working environment that contributes not only to overall success but also to individual well-being.