Remerciements 26/06/2024

Bucci Industries Commits to a Sustainable Future with the SAF Program of Air France and KLM


Eco-Sustainable Flight: Bucci Industries Joins the SAF Program

Bucci Industries is proud to announce its participation in the corporate SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) program promoted by Air France and KLM, which supports the adoption of eco-friendly travel practices for companies.

This partnership for the promotion of eco-sustainable and responsible transport marks a new and significant milestone in the path towards sustainability undertaken by Bucci Industries. The adoption of sustainable practices is indeed at the heart of the Group's business strategy, with the goal of positively contributing to the future of the environment and the community.

Corporate customers of Air France and KLM who participate in the SAF agreement actively contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their travels and the carbon footprint of the airlines. Through an annual contribution, companies support the supply and use of sustainable aviation fuels, produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils and food waste. The objective is to promote the transition from fossil fuel to sustainable aviation fuel, making air transport increasingly eco-responsible.

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Joining the program means taking concrete action for the reduction of CO2 emissions and the promotion of ecological transition, supporting innovative solutions for reducing air pollution and safeguarding the climate.

Bucci Industries once again demonstrates its commitment to implementing alternative and sustainable practices and solutions, a central theme in the Group's mission, for building a more responsible future attentive to environmental protection.